Key Performance Indicator (KPI) studies of UK dairy herds

Since 2010 the University of Reading has conducted annual analyses of herd performance for 500 Holstein/Friesian dairy herds. The herds are selected to ensure they are a representative cross-section of all commercial herds that milk record with National Milk Records(NMR) in the UK. Studies for other breeds are also conducted periodically.

Each of the 60+ parameters is derived with the identical calculations used by InterHerd+. This means the study results are directly usable as up to date target values to guide farmers and their advisers in discussions and decision making.

A summary of KPIs, and their definitions, from the latest study (for the year ending 31st August 2017) is: Please click here.

To download the full KPI report, select the required breed and year:

  1. Holstein/Friesian:          2021   2020    2019     2018    2017    2016      2015      2014      2013      2012      2011      2010
  2. Ayrshire:                        2012      2010
  3. Guernsey:                      2012      2010
  4. Jersey:                           2012      2010