Technical Advisers

InterHerd+ is used by technical advisers ranging from veterinarians to nutritionists, management consultants and breeding advisers. Every month, technical advisers download milk recording data from thousands of herds in to InterHerd+.

Commonly the adviser will maintain a single InterHerd+ database containing details of all their milk recording client herds. InterHerd+ automatically synchronises with main milk recording organisations in the UK (NMR/CIS) to ensure the data are always up to date and ready for use by the adviser. Farmer users of InterHerd+ can also pass their full data files to their adviser.

While InterHerd+ can store enormous volumes of data, the key strength is the ability to analyse herd performance and highlight areas and animals requiring attention. Key features include:


Benchmarking to show a herd’s individual strengths and weaknesses

  • Against national standards: Compare over 50 key performance indicators of fertility, production and health against targets derived from annual studies of a cross-section of 500 commercial milk recording herds.
  • Herd overview and performance trends: Document templates generate standardised reviews of herd performance, suitable for initial or 6 monthly overview meetings. These highlight the overall herd performance and how the performance of key parameters are changing over time.
  • Client base benchmarking: How do your clients compare to national standards and identify which herds are improving and why.

Herd level benchmarking against national standards


Trends in performance of a specific parameter in a herd


Benchmarking client herds at the veterinary practice level



Detailed analysis of performance

Detailed analysis of performance suitable for a herd review of fertility, production, SCC, mastitis, lameness, Johne’s disease status

  • Fertility analysis: Details of all services and their conception outcome are available to allow detailed analysis over any time period of conception, heat detection, sire, inseminator, days since calving etc
  • Milk production analysis: Through automatic analysis of past milk records from the herd, InterHerd+ calculates the predicted milk/fat/protein yields of every cow allowing for lactation number, month of calving and previous individual performance. Comparison of the actual with the predicted yield identifies groups and individual animals performing above/below expectation.
  • Somatic Cell Count analysis: InterHerd+ uses the Herd Companion SCC categories to prioritise high SCC cows for attention.
  • Mastitis/Lameness analysis: Detailed analysis of mastitis/Lameness over time
  • Milk profile: Through the analysis of milk records InterHerd+ can predict future milk yields of individual cows and herds. When combined with data on actual milk delivered robust predictions of future milk supply can be made.
  • Herd structure: Details of the numbers of animals by type for any specified date


Fertility performance of a calving cohort of cows:



Lactation analysis of a calving cohort


SCC analysis of milk recording data


Mastitis analysis


Predicting future production: Milk profiling


Herd Structure: Animals by fertility status on any date


Action lists

Action lists of animals requiring specific attention following a milk recording/vet visit

  • Document templates enable the user to develop very precise reports containing any grid or graphic in the program. These templates can be reused on any herd to provide consistent documents tailored to the needs of your client.

High SCC cows


Positive milk test for Johne's disease


Current cows - SCC history

Breeding/Cull cow selection
  • Cull Cow Selector: Highlight cows by scoring the fertility, disease and production performance
  • Lifetime performance: All records of animals are maintained, including those that have left the herd. This allows detailed analysis of animal performance to identify those that are best suited to the production system on the farm as well as aiding the choice of animals for culling.

Cull cow selector: Highlighting cull candidates according to performance:


Lifetime performance analysis for breeding stock selection


Event analysis/farm assurance reporting
  • The event structure of Interherd+ allows recording of any event which is then analysed as an event incidence for any population or sub-population in the herd

Detailed analysis of events recorded in the herd for any population/time period: