InterHerd+ is a herd management package developed for use by both dairy farmers and their technical advisers. InterHerd+ combines many of the best features developed in the original InterHerd program with new reports and analyses that take full advantage of the latest programming and communications technology.

The result is a comprehensive package that allows the user to record to a level of detail that is appropriate and tailored to their current management and reporting needs:

Comprehensive animal records
  • Animal register: All the detail of any animal is accessible from one page
  • Milk recording analysis: All milk records, including somatic cell counts, are available by recording date or by animal. Analysis of past milk records analyses performance and highlights cows/groups performing better/worse than expected
  • Fertility analysis: Details of all services are available by period or animal


The Animal register: Events


The Animal register: Graphs


Milk recordings analysis: By lactation stage


Milk recordings analysis: Individual yields


Milk recordings analysis: Graphic display


Fertility analysis: All services


Fertility analysis: Conception analysis

Easy data entry and download
  • Event pad: An event structure facilitates the entry of events and associated supplies
  • Batch entry: Batch entry for multiple animals of common events like vaccination
  • Download data from NMR/CIS: Linking a herd to its milk recording organisation results in the automatic download of new milk recording and disease test data
  • Event recording: The event structure of InterHerd+ allows the user to record any event in an animal record to the level of detail required. This includes mastitis, lameness and other diseases or measures required by farm assurance schemes.
  • Body condition and mobility score entry: Batch entry of mobility scores, body condition scores and weights
  • Parlour links: synchronise with parlours to avoid double data entry

The Event Pad: Individual event entry


 Batch Event Entry: Multiple animal event entry 


 Batch entry: Mobility scores 

Action lists
  • Selective Dry Cow Therapy: Divide cows due to dry according to their somatic cell count (SCC) and mastitis history
  • Johne’s disease: Highlight cows tested positive for Johne’s disease according to their fertility status for appropriate fertility and calving management
  • SCC control: List high somatic cell count (SCC) cows at the latest milk recording according to their Herd Companion SCC status, to identify problem cows.
  • Herdsman’s list: Cows and heifers requiring attention by the farm staff (due to serve, check for mastitis, lameness etc)
  • Vet list: Cows requiring attention by the veterinarian (PD, failure to conceive etc.) with history of past events
  • Milk/meat withdrawal: Animals currently in milk and or meat withdrawal

SCC and Mastitis history for selective dry cow therapy


Johne’s disease



SCC Control: High SCC cow categories


Herdsman's Action List


Vet's Action List


Milk/Meat withdrawal

Notification of animal movement
  • Synchronise with CTS/BCMS: Ensure the numbers and key details of animals currently on farm agree with the records of BCMS
  • Statutory notification of animal movements: full notification to BCMS of all statutory requirements for births/deaths/movements

Statutory reporting of births/movements/disposals


Synchronisation with CTS/BCMS

Medicines book and stock control

Record the use drugs and supplies on farm to the statutory level and beyond

Stock control: Stock control


Statutory reporting of medicines use

Fertility monitoring
  • A number of graphic displays show the current fertility status and performance of individual and groups of animals.
  • Detailed analysis of all service records Cows displayed by fertility status and days since/ days to calving

Fertility overview: Fertility by days after/before calving


 Fertility chart: Animals by days since calving 


 Fertility analysis: Conception rate differences 

Mobile devices

A Windows application for reviewing/editing records on mobile devices